STOP thinking all Homeless people are on SSI and Welfare

“About 42% to 77% do not receive public benefits to which they are entitled” – The Weingart Center, now published by The United Way .

Why? I have theories.

Instinctively people have a great deal of pride and asking for public assistance is very hard on that pride when you are bound and determined to make it on your own power. 

Adding yourself to the Government Assistance rolls also means that other people are going to start telling you what you have to do to get those benefits. Sometimes it feels like a lot of Hoop Jumping and occasionally the people who hold the hoops have bad attitudes.

“Telling the government that I am homeless will mean they can take my kids from me.“. Actually, this isn’t going to happen unless you are causing some form of abuse. While the workers from LA County DCFS  ( in the Pasadena office) that I have met are small-minded, fiscally snobbish and generally rude – they won’t take you to court to remove your children unless there is actual danger.

And most likely of all – “I did not know there was help for me” .

What are your thoughts?

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