It Came! and who should be a role model?

I am overjoyed to find @abales of @URM in my mail box at work today. It is a little like Christmas and I am super happy to be rewarded for dragging myself into the office today.

My happy dance and small shouts of “It came, It Came!” has prompted a somewhat steady stream of onlookers to my office.

After a few inquiries of “What channel is he the news anchor for” I explained that Rev. Bales is the CEO of The Union Rescue Mission and one of the people I admire – not for fame or success – but because of intent and purpose.

He has been a foster parent, raised 6 children and seems to care as much about the people on his staff as he does for the community that he serves.  His blog, ,is one of my “Must Reads” whenever he gets around to writing in it.

As the mother of 1.5 children (until the end of January when this one is born) I have spent a lot of time thinking about Role Models.  How to be one for the children in my life  – and who my greatest and best influences are. Also, who do I want my children to think is soo cool that they want to take on personal characteristics of them?

For me, Social Media is some Geeky Goodness that  has brought a little bit of Christmas to my life every day. Not only do I know who I admire the most – I can “follow” them on Twitter. Then, I can keep up with them as often as they publicly make a move or decision – AND I can text them and interact. Also, I can see who they are following and see who inspires them in return.

 So – in order to inspire me and reach “Role Model” status in my book, a person has to have a clear intent to

  • 1. do good and
  • 2. be kind and
  • 3. be taking steps in constant pursuit of the good they have elected to work in.

This doesn’t mean you have to work with populations of people without housing , finances, or food.  In one of my previous “Hero of the Week” posts I  discussed a LAWYER of all creepy careers. Andrea made the cut because she wanted to use the law to heal wounds and swiftly address family issues without dragging the emotional trauma out for prolonged periods of time, although doing so would have benefitted her pocket book, it would not have ben true to who she wanted to be in this world.

I don’t think it is fair to make sports figures into role models. Kobe Bryant may well be the best hoopster of all time – but I would say that he is a man who needs a good spanking and personal cleansing of his soul. I don’t see many other redeeming qualities in him (other than he knows how to buy  a big diamond!). The same is true of actors. We pay to see them lie to us on stage and screen. We play “Let’s pretend” with actors so why would we want to emulate them in our personal lives where sincerity is key to intamate relationships and a greater understanding of self?

This year I have been inspired by more than my usual perfect trinity of O’Neals (Who – if combined would make the perfect man) , Ed, Tip and Shaq. (What?!?!? , I live in LA, I am a Laker’s girl!!!!)

I have found inspiration in friends and co-workers, and started looking for people who don’t just have a stated mission in life – but who are constantly working on achieving the betterment of self and their stated goals for good.

With that said – LOOK!!!!! My picture of Rev. Bales came and he is hanging on my wall!!!! Soo Awesome!

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