Concentration Camp for the Homeless?

Far away in the land of Prague a camp is being planned on the outskirts of town. It will be erected in the next 6 months and be a designated location for the homeless to come, pitch their tents, build cooking fires and meet with social workers and receive soup twice a day.

Ideally this will “mitigate the negative phenomena that accompany homelessness and to facilitate the ordinary citizens of Prague in their daily lives”.-Councilor Jiří Janeček (ODS)

There will be a “Registry of Homeless” and they will not be allowed to live anywhere else in the region…but they will not be  forced to live in the camp. Social Workers will be encouraging people to live there. Police will heavily patrol the camps.

Some charities and outreach groups see this as a form of segregating the very poor from the rest of society and expect this plan to eventually lead to interning some citizens in the camp which would be a violation of human rights.

So far there has been no published concern for the public health issues of 3,500 people living close together for a long period of time in portable and cloth shelters


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One thought on “Concentration Camp for the Homeless?

  1. Scary. Will the social workers be providing ways for them to get back into mainstream society? Hm. Pitch “their” tents? It is easy, I guess, to criticize attempts to help the homeless. Will they have adequate restrooms, etc.? It could raise their living standard, or not.

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