Water in the Waste Land

@urm  #fb“I want that ” my daughter used to tell me. In return I would tell her that “The people in Hell want ice water”. I thought I was being smug until she asked “Well, are you going to give them any?” If you would like to visit a real version of smoldering heated HadesContinue reading “Water in the Waste Land”

It’s HOT

 LA COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH Alert  @LAPublicHealth says:  Heat Alert: High Temps Forecasted for the LA Basin and the San Fernando, San Gabriel, Santa Clarita, and Antelope Valleys – Triple-digit temperatures are forecasted for Saturday through Tuesday for the San Fernando Valley, with high temperatures also forecasted for the Los Angeles Basin, San Gabriel Valley, SantaContinue reading “It’s HOT”

Dreams no child should need to have

#fb A former client who is now trying to get into the @LADreamCenter with @matthewbarnett spent the morning with me. She brought her 3-year-old daughter. The little girl  had curly brown hair and traces of strawberry juice across her growing smile while she talked to me about living in her car with her mother and 14-year-old brother.Continue reading “Dreams no child should need to have”

Welfare Warriors and Mommy Bloggers

@helpamotherout  @jessicagottlieb Today we are going to explore groups of people who  found a way to use their voices to 1. Be heard 2. Change their corner of the world to make it nicer for everyone. Let’s start with my favorite combination of these two groups: http://www.helpamotherout.org/” It can take an average of $1,100 a yearContinue reading “Welfare Warriors and Mommy Bloggers”

@BreathLA – I fixed your hand out #fb

Asthma Camp starts happens on November 3rd at 4:30 pm this year. Unfortunately the flyer that was mailed to every County of LA worker said it was  on November 00, 2010 from 00pm-oopm. OOPS! I called Mildred and she gave me the correct info. Feel free to copy and paste at will. I am a bigContinue reading “@BreathLA – I fixed your hand out #fb”

Glendale Winter Shelter = Locals Only ?

Not this year, but next year the City of Glendale is looking at hosting the Winter Shelter for residents (Meaning that people spend most of their time there) of Glendale or Burbank only. Last year (winter 2009/2010) over 85% of the people who came to The Winter Shelter were from locations other than Burbank, PasadenaContinue reading “Glendale Winter Shelter = Locals Only ?”

70% of Families in Poverty are Single Parent #fb

families. This is information from last week’s census report. Single-mother families are almost five times more likely to be poor than are married couples with children. Only 8% of unwed mothers are teenagers. Most un-wed births are to young women in their 20’s. Why should you care? Well, this is going to bring about aContinue reading “70% of Families in Poverty are Single Parent #fb”

Dave Matthews Band and Starving Children#fb

DMB performed this song:Seek Up  “Sit a while with TV’s hungry child, big belly swelled Oh, for the price of a coke or a smoke keep alive those hungry eyes Take a look at me, what you see in me, mirror look at me Face it all, face it all again.”  I am really sorryContinue reading “Dave Matthews Band and Starving Children#fb”

Notes from the Child Support Services

Child support is not under the D.A. Free paternity testing and opening cases. Half the cases are Public Assistance cases. Filing child support cases is free. Any parent on public assistance can have the current order set to $0 . Welfare reimbursement is possible . Driver’s Licenses can be given back for 30 or soContinue reading “Notes from the Child Support Services”

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