United Way Home Walk : my 1/2 second of Fame

Look Mom,  ( and @mWomack !) I am on the Internet!

Last year I did the Home Walk with MAXIMUS Inc, where I work. I went to look at The United Way LA’s page today and found my daughter (in the scarf) and I (chubby girl with sign held in front of face – by Celina Alvarez)  on the Home Walk slide show. Too Cool!

What? It can’t all be about everyone else . . . sometimes my giant ego just wants to talk to you about ME! Forgive me, I am human!

♥♥ Read more about the United Way LA Home Walk held every Fall http://www.kintera.org/site/c.7qKIJUMzFeLWG/b.6050153/k.BD91/Home.htm 

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