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On September 13th the Los Angeles Unified School District will start the 2010 – 2011  School Year. At least one student in every school will be homeless. In some schools, it is more like 2 or more homeless students per grade.

How can these kids – living in shelters, shuffling between family and friends – keep up with their school mates and get the grades they need to complete their public school education and develop the skills to provide for themselves?

Enter the “School on Wheels”, a non-profit, non-governmental charity that tutors homeless students in motels, foster homes, the streets and shelters. They are also provided backpacks and school supplies as well as uniforms.

The “WHEELS” on this school are the tutors who travel to meet the students.  Right now School on Wheels has 1.000 students enrolled with them for services – and the year has just started. Last school year it was 2,000 children.  The average age of the child relieving tutoring si 9-10 years old. Tutoring is important because a student looses progress in schoolwork every time they move.

If you or your child – wants to volunteer, please check out the FAQ sheet .

Currently School on Wheels is a California based program just because the number of homeless children in California is staggering and the focus of this charity is aimed at serving this population with its full attention.

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