“Hungry, please help”, “Will work for food”, “Homeless”, “Homeless War Veteran” “Brother, can you spare a dime?”.
How would you answer?


The sign bearers are not just asking for one meal, one night of sleep, or one hand out – they are looking for momentary hope so they can face the bigger issues they are up against. They are asking for one bite sized morsel of HOPE. 

How often do you help by giving hope to the people in your life? 

  • We do it when we encourage and teach children to walk, to talk and with homework.
  • We do it when we hold the hand of a friend or listen to their heartbreak.

We give hope when we smile at a stranger – even if the hope is a simple message of “I SEE YOU“.

  • The police give hope that we can live safely all together.
  • Lawyers give hope that the world can be set to rights again.
  • Social Workers give hope that we can regain our footing.
  • Teachers give us hope that we can learn.
  • And friends give us hope that we matter and are worth loving.

How would you answer this call to action? 

Who gives you hope?

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