United Way Home Walk : my 1/2 second of Fame

Look Mom,  ( and @mWomack !) I am on the Internet! Last year I did the Home Walk with MAXIMUS Inc, where I work. I went to look at The United Way LA’s page today and found my daughter (in the scarf) and I (chubby girl with sign held in front of face – byContinue reading “United Way Home Walk : my 1/2 second of Fame”


  The sign bearers are not just asking for one meal, one night of sleep, or one hand out – they are looking for momentary hope so they can face the bigger issues they are up against. They are asking for one bite sized morsel of HOPE.  How often do you help by giving hopeContinue reading “Hope”

School on Wheels

On September 13th the Los Angeles Unified School District will start the 2010 – 2011  School Year. At least one student in every school will be homeless. In some schools, it is more like 2 or more homeless students per grade. How can these kids – living in shelters, shuffling between family and friends – keep up withContinue reading “School on Wheels”

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