FRAUD! How to See it and Report it …

Welfare, CalWORKs, SSI, Child Support, IHSS all run on tax dollars and any money that is misspent or stolen from these programs leaves fewer resources for those who really need the help. 

Examples of fraud: 

A father claims that he needs cash aid, food stamps and medical coverage for himself and his children – but – the children live at another address with another adult such as a grandparent, mother, or friend.  Sometimes the mother has a Felony Drug Conviction and can not qualify for public assistance so the father opens the case even though he does not live with the children. He allows the mother to use his portion of the cash aid and food stamps because with her criminal history she will not be able to find work to pay for these items herself. The fraud is that funds are being given to someone who does not qualify for them. 

A mother who has used all five years of CalWORKs eligibility for herself moves to a homeless shelter. The worker at the shelter tells her that she must participate in GAIN in order to be in their housing program. The shelter employee instructs the mother to walk into GAIN and claim that after she left CalWORKS she suffered five years of Domestic Violence and needs another five years of cash aid. Even though this adult has never had an incident of Domestic Violence, she completes the forms at CalWORKs and GAIN requesting time back and it is granted. The fraud is that this person has no real qualification of continued cash assistance but will receive it anyway.  

A family applies for public assistance. They drive to the DPSS office in a new BMW and report living in a large home in an affluent neighborhood. The parents are asking for cash aid, food stamps, Medi-Cal and at the children’s school they are requesting the free lunch program. The family does not have any reported income on their taxes or to social security and is granted full benefits. The fraud is that the family has a business out of the country and is receiving income in a foreign bank account or in a domestic bank account registered to a business and not to a family member.  

A couple of Senior Citizens live together. He is a citizen and she is not. Due to his work history and frail health he qualifies for Social Security and the IHSS program. Because she is not a citizen, she can not be paid to be his care giver. Instead, they have a family member assigned as the care giver and complete the time cards. When the paychecks are issued, the family member cashed the check and gives the cash to the wife as her income. The fraud is that we are paying someone to be a caregiver who is not doing the work and the public funds are being given to someone not qualified to recieve them.  

A doctor sends out people into a homeless shelter or low income neighborhood who offer free rides for a free medical check up and possibly a cash incentive such as $20 per person. The medical office completes intake forms with the “patients” and they are sent home. The doctor’s office then bills Medi-Cal or Social Security for the visit, an exam and occasionally for treatment or medication. The fraud is payment for services that are not rendered. 

A Social Services worker issues funds for clothing or transportation to a client and changes the address in the system to that of themselves or a friend. When the issuance comes as a check, they have it cashed and keep the money. The fraud is that  funds are never given to the actual client for any real services or needs. 

How to report fraud: (800) 349-9970


the following is from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s web page: 

(800) 349-9970
12000 Hawthorne Blvd.
Hawthorne, CA. 90250 

To report any fraud against Los Angeles County,
including welfare fraud. 

(800) 349-9970
12000 Hawthorne Blvd.
Hawthorne, CA. 90250

Investigates allegations of potential welfare fraud in the following
programs: CalWORKs (formerly known as AFDC), Food Stamps,
General Relief, In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), and the
GAIN program. 

(800) 87 FRAUD (873-7283)
(800) 78 CRIME (782-7463)
P.O. Box 1296
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-1296

To report any criminal activity or fraud. 

(323) 881-5100
5300 Harbor Street
Commerce, CA 90040

Investigators will review major cases to see if suspects
are operating a business or own luxury vehicles. 

Food Stamp Violations
(909) 396-4401
21660 E. Copley Drive
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Investigates the illegal purchase of food stamps. 

Recipient Fraud: (800) 822-6222
Provider Fraud: (800) 722-0432

To report MediCal and DentiCal fraud. 

WIC Program Integrity Unit
Vendor Fraud: (916) 928-8603 Tom Winder, Manager
Participant Fraud: (916) 928-8606 Emilito Smith, Manager

To report either vendor or participant fraud in the WIC program,
a program that issues food vouchers for the specific purpose of providing
nutrition to pregnant women, new mothers, infants and young children. 

Child Support Services Department
Office of Ombudsperson
5770 S. Eastern Avenue
Commerce, California  90040
(866) 901-3212

Handles child support issues. 

(800) 540-4000
TDD ONLY (800) 272-6699
Fax: (213) 617-3574
564 South Matteo Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013-3574
M-F 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

(213) 974-0914
(800) 544-6861
Fax: (213) 621-7718Employee Fraud Hotline
Auditor Controller
320 W. Temple St., Suite #380
Los Angeles, CA 90012To report suspected fraud by Los Angeles County employees only. 

(800) 973-3370 24 hours
(213) 974-1457
Fax: (213) 617-1431
L.A. County Department of Consumer Affairs
Real Estate Fraud and Information Program
500 W. Temple St. Room B96
Los Angeles, CA 90012-0276


(323) 260-2617
Fax: (323) 268-1707
Assisted Housing Authority
P.O. Box 22255
Los Angeles, CA 90022

Provides assistance in obtaining housing for low
income, elderly, and disabled housing assistance. 

(800) 927-HELP (4357)
(323) 278-5000
Fax: (323) 838-0028
323 E. Slauson Ave.
Commerce, CA 90040

Investigates insurance fraud, including worker’s compensation.
Online:  to print out forms to mail in. 

(800) 269-0271
Fax: (410) 597-0118
Social Security Fraud Hotline
P.O. Box 17768
Baltimore, Maryland 21235
Social Security Administration
Office of Inspector General
888 S. Figueroa St., Suite 1150
Los Angeles, CA

To report fraud or misuse of a Social Security
number or fraud by a Social Security employee. 

(626) 405-1200
Fax: (626) 405-1207
U.S. Mail Postal Inspectors
P.O. Box 2000
Pasadena, CA 91102

Conducts criminal investigations of suspected
mail fraud, mail theft and mail tampering. 


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  1. That is funny I have tried to report a woman who has for over one year now been receiving general relief even though she was in violation of her probation gr regulation 44-219.4 and fleeing from felony arrest or conviction 44-219.5 she has even been in jail collection benefits. She sells her benefits for cash for drugs while in jail twice she let someone else use her EBT card. Even worked a whole month under the table. And lied about being homeless lives in a house with boyfriend who actually owns house. I have reported her to fraud her both workers even left comments on their Web site and no one seems to want to do nothing even her workers after I sent them proof of her being on jail reapproved her case without even speaking to her as she is in custody still to this day was sentenced to 120 days. Yet I have proof of all this 44-219.4 allows information to be received from a reliable source. So why does no one in the El Monterey DPSS seem to give a damn? Person who is committing fraud name is Shawna Bowman case number B1ZA972 She has been in custody since April 18, 2016 yet still received full benefits for May and June even after I reported her to her case workers to date June 12, 2016 she is still in custody. Someone need to investigate

      1. Mr De Leon is a known stalker and is known to beat women also he is a substance abuser who lives in a tent off of a freeway. He is very mentally unstable and known to be dangerous. He is in need treament for his mental problems. The community should be careful if they see this man or come in contact with him. Most have had to get restraing orders and other court orders against him for there safety.

    1. I am sure the county does not read these comments. my best advice is to walk into the county office and ask for an appointment with their Fraud Investigator. Bring your proof.

      1. I have given proof to her grow worker her case workers even for the past 9 months reported her to fraud on line via their Web site and nothing. Even now she lives in a house with her boyfriend who owns the house yet she claims she is homeless to get benefits. Not one person in the El Monte DPSS location seems to give a damn. I even sent them proof she was in jail for 3 months total and collected full benefits while in jail. Her boyfriend used her benefits for himself.

  2. Ah what lies people will say to divert your attention from the real question call whistle blowers anything you want. If I’m lying prove me wrong concerned citizen or lawyer please. Not even the guts to post your own name. Here is mine below. Also please be careful about your accusations as the so called restraining orders against Mr. De Leon are being contested now motion to dismiss being drawn up now.. 🙂

  3. In reply to the garbage this concerned citizen wrote against me. Let’s see Looks like the guilty have returned. It’s the loser boyfriend Christopher J. Berg who illegally spends someone elses county benefits while they were in jail not once but twice. Yet you say you have it all but need’s to use someone else’s benefits isnt that a felony? Try getting a job instead your trying to smut me please. Let’s play then Christopher J. Berg. On July 15 you wrote I was a known stalker? Known to who? Beat women please you still believe the lies it tells you? If I beat her why did she not ever go to the polive cuz she couldn’t cuz I never did just her tactics to get fools like you to believe. Substance abuser well Christopher J Berg were you not in rehab yourself in 2010? Myself never more of your bullshit. Now you want to talk about living style well your woman sure was warm n cozy in my tent you want to see the pictures? And where you live didn’t grandma leave you the house you couldn’t buy sit he’ll as of date your house you brag about in in tax lean because you couldn’t even afford to pay 2014 property tax wow you got it in 2012 and in 2014 couldn’t afford it. At least I got a job u what an unemployed DJ. Who sponges off the plumber. Now mental please she told me that you had a learning disability plus you were gay. Now for dangerous only to people who make me that way 🙂 treatment that’s your bit. Now about restraining orders from start till date you wrote I bet you couldn’t find one restraining order against me. Put up or shut up. I have a pink to an eclipse you might own that tricycle you call a bike and have a pink as well. I bet you car against bike what I wrote is the truth and can and will provide proof of both your illegal activity everything I wrote I can back up can you provide proof of all that garbage you wrote I bet you can’t your not even man enough to write your own name on post. Let’s see put up or shut up. And watch what you say hate to have to show you how dangerous I can truly be. Loser besides it’s already looking for a new I spoke to him last month you can’t be that stupid your just a free roof over its head to live but yet it states to General Relief it’s homeless to illegally obtain benefits

  4. Now to reply for this other loser’s lies. Attorney please your just the same loder who wrote concerned citizen. Now as of July 15 2016 you claim I’m under investigation from several gov agency’s and local for criminal activity really prove it I bet you cant. Oh and next time you flip me off don’t run home like a Lil girl stick around and hear my reply. This goes to show you the lengths criminals go to cover their tracks. It’s already plead guilty to grand theft in 2006 and even used it’s kids names to cash checks it stole what a parent no wonder they want nothing to do with it anymore. Oh and thanks Sonya for the advice most likely I will I have all the proof of everything I stated.

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