We will help you – if you just change for us

“Male and female couples who are not married, but are willing to be married if accepted into the program, may still apply.

Because of the nature of the program, we do not accept single mothers who are pregnant. If the mother is pregnant, it needs to be a two parent family.

We work with single mothers with children and male and female married parents with children with at least one child and up to four children who are currently with them. We only accept families with children who are younger than the age of 10” –Door of Hope

Wow. Just wow. All I heard was “Sorry single fathers and families with children over the age of 10, or anyone who is functionally a family but not married, our good Christian ethics won’t allow us to help you. ”

There are many people who will fit into this program, and I hope it is helpful to them.

Unfortunately, a single mother with a teenage child and a baby on the way can not be helped here.

I am glad I am not homeless.

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