Hip Hop Rap Therapy for the Homeless in LA

Have you heard about Rap therapy? This is the advert from Craigslist.com

Rap Therapy has created massive buzz. In the past year, it has been shown in reports on Fox, UPN, led to meetings with Sony, MTV, CBS, ABC, BET, and several others. Both DMX and Chuck D were in talks to be a part of a television show about this. In addition, nearly every hip hop star has spoken about their opinion on Rap Therapy. The Rap Therapist uses hip hop song, dance and art to connect with foster care children. Kids at The Salvation Army opened up about gang violence, sexual abuse, parents dying from drug overdoses, and losing family to jail.

With the overwhelming response of people in California wanting to help, The Rap Therapist is relocating to Hollywood. He will open a new office to give the West Coast a taste of how rap can make a difference. The docu drama will follow him as he goes to schools, churches, the streets of Hollywood, Compton, Beverly Hills, Watts, interacts with foster children, the homeless, the famous, and shows how the universal language of hip hop is able to bring people together.

We need to find a talented production company that wants to partner on bringing this show to America. The options are to create it directly for online or find a network that has the courage and conviction to air a show about helping those truly in need. If you are a production company, we would like to talk to you.

In addition, we are offering free Rap Therapy sessions to people of all ages who would like to make positive improvements in their lives.

Here are two links about Rap Therapy which include several notable people talking about the technique. The second is a teaser trailer for what the show might look like.
We look forward to bringing this wonderful technique out West and helping California thrive again. You may reach us by email at daman18747@aol.com.



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