Homeless or Bad Parenting

I know some really fantastic parents who are homeless. I meet their children, get graduation announcements and copies of report cards and have the chance to see Mom or Dad in action in my office. these children are happy, healthy, and well-adjusted and aware so varying degrees that they are homeless.

And, I see awful, ill-equipped, and sometimes uncaring parents who are homeless and who are housed.

I don’t think that Housing Status makes someone more in need of parenting instruction than others. The case back east of a mother who had abandoned her small infant only to have it placed back with her – and then she left the infant to be supervised by her THREE YEAR OLD in the motel where they were temporarily sheltered is a prime example of this. Clearly this mother was not equipped to parent. This could have happened in the suburbs, the county, or metropolis.

Welfare housed the family, it should not be in charge of gauging if the mother is fit to head a family. That was Children and Family Services’ job. Actually, I apologize – that was the job of this mother and the father(s) of these children before they had kids.

Read more: ♥http://www.cbs3springfield.com/news/local/83170177.html

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