at @URM Rev @aBales and the budget woes #FB

Today The Union Rescue Mission had to let many loyal and wonderful workers go. ♥Read more at : They were able to save Hope Gardens, but in the crunch to keep both the Mission and Hope Gardens alive, about 11 employees left the payroll.

The Union Rescue Mission has a religious name and a minister at it’s helm, but it has never turned anyone away from services. It has opened it’s doors to DPSS CalWORKS workers who meet with families there and enroll clients into social services, and works in the community to improve the lives of its clients, workers, and ultimately the community you and I live in.

The Mission is one of the few places on Skid Row that inspires trust and security. I used to work down the street from The URM. Several of my clients received services there and I would visit with them while they stood in line to sign up for a shelter bed. Even now, workers from URM drive my GAIN clients up to Burbank to talk to me about DPSS services and mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence therapies I can refer them to.

If you are looking for a place to give your time – give it there. If you are thinking that you want to make a charitable donation before the Federal Government reduces the amount you can claim on your taxes, give it there.  And if you have nothing but compassion to give, send the Union Rescue Mission a prayer.

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