Real vs. Fake High School Diploma

A High School Diploma can make the difference between “getting the job” and being passed over. It is the first and most menial of personal goals that shows on your resume. A fake diploma, or one from an unaccredited “school”,  is time and money wasted and not beneficial. The status of the accreditation for schools may change , so please do your own research.

Schools not accredited by a regional accrediting body. This doesn’t mean that you won’t learn from them or that the education is of poor quality, it is simply not recognized as up to the usual standards and not helpful to your pursuit of more education or employment. Employers and HR departments will know the difference, as will colleges that you hope to apply to for further education. there is no national agency that does accreditation for secondary  / high schools. In California it is done by one of six regional agencies.

If  you don’t have the time to dedicate to a diploma, consider a recognized equivalent to a high school diploma with the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) or the GED.

When you move on to college or vocational training, ask who the accrediting body is. Be wary of “licenced”, “certified” or “recognized” as program descriptions unless they also say “accredited”.  The Federal Government will not offer you employment if your degree is not accredited or is from a “Diploma Mill”, and in some places, applying for work with one of these degrees is illegal.

It’s school so do your home work.

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Schools that are illegal to list on your resume’ for employment in Texas:

Accredited Programs and Institutions for post-secondary education:

Information on what Accreditation is and means:

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39 thoughts on “Real vs. Fake High School Diploma

    1. We took a test and turned In a essay at the time it didn’t seam like a easy ride. I did think it was legit till now. I was trying to get information for my friend and found out about this page my HS desploma is a fake!

  1. I purchased my Diploma from century high in Los angeles, now my job is doing a background check and it turns out this diploma is worth nothing. How can I get my money back from them? Please help

      1. Did you get there contact number?
        If you did can you please send it to me.\
        or what can I do about it ?

      2. 1 (213) 389-3319 This is the number I called. I was able to get a copy of my diploma and they verified it with my employer. I was hired at a Hospital and did not have an issue regarding the high school diploma. The hospital had found the info and faxed them something to fill out with no issues.

    1. I had no problem when my job checked and I work for a well known hospital. Did u just pay and receive it. Or did you actually take a test and haft to go to some classes before

  2. A Real HS Diploma still costs but has seals, I have a Century HS Diploma I paid for too and I found out when I entered College it’s worth nothing, I took a test for Century HS by Wilshire and Lafayette. I later had to pay 500 and take a test from continental academy through the mail, the legit diploma… Accredited and everything….


    1. Same thing happened to me 😩😩 now I couldn’t get hired for a job because of it how do I do something about it I actually studied and had to take a test even had to do an essay

    2. Hi I am in the same situation. Have you found anything out about this century high? And why did they ask for social? The school that recommended me to them was Maric colleague they wouldn’t give me my MA diploma unless I brought a high school diploma thing that wasn’t mentioned at the beginning. They advertised no high school diploma needed

      1. Omg I’m just looking for their contact info cause my friend wanted to do it never did I think Century Hight School was a fake🙁 They asked for my social security number did anyone else give their social too?

    1. Did you get any solution about the h.s dip If you have any contact number?
      can you please send it to me.\

      I took the test in 07 as well

  3. I got mine in 2005 from Century High School, and this school was recomended through the AI (Art Institute) of California’s councelor when I was trying to get my education throught them. You would figure that a respectable college that announces good standards that they would direct you through the right passage, I guess they must be a fraud too, or the concelr was trying to make money on the side.

    1. Same thing happened to me I was going to Maric College they wouldn’t give me my MA Diploma until I got the HS diploma what school recomended you to Century?

    2. Same thing here. I did this in 2004 for A.I. and now it seems I will be losing my job over it. This is not right, and there doesn’t seem as there is much to do to rectify the matter.

  4. My sister was ripped-off by Century High School too but does anyone know about Parkridge Private School for sure?

  5. Hi I took the exam and essay for a high school diploma thru Balboa High in 2000. Until this year I didn’t they were fake…..I’m stuck. I’ve been out of school since 1995 I don’t think I can pass that exam again..can I sue them

  6. Parkridge Private School is regionally accredited by the Northwest Accrediting Commission under the direction of AdvancED and should not be listed on this site. For verification please contact them. They can be found by entering either name on your search engine. If you need any further help please call Parkridge directly at 562 424-5528.

    Please remove our name from this list!

    1. http//
      States the LAUSD personnel commission does not accept high school diplomas from a partial list of schools that include parkridge private school and century high school cause it doesn’t meet the standard due to the lack of accreditation from one of the six regional accrediting agencies or their affiliates.

      1. Did you get there contact number?
        If you did can you please send it to me.\

  7. I know a Private school where you can get a legit high school diploma. My boyfriend got his and now have attend a state college without any problem. It is very expensive but worth it. Email me:

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