Why I fail as a Political Wife

“You are very Pro-Homeless – and that means you would be a terrible Political Wife. You would say something well-meaning and alienate half a contingency”. My jaw dropped as I heard these words last week.

I am not, Pro-Homeless. I am simply Pro-Human, Pro-dignity, and Anti-Homelessness where it can be avoided.

I get that sometimes people lose jobs, child care, transportation and shelter – and sometimes one or a combination of these factors – which can be exasperated by mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, physical health and family problems – will land a person and their family in Homelessness.

I would love to not see that happen on a daily basis. I would like to say “Just do A, B, and C, and this time next week you will be tucked into your own bed with a plan to stay there”.

I am appalled by the particular Ocean Beach “bums” who for all intents and purposes could be working, looking for work or volunteering and instead have discovered panhandling as a life style. I understand that in the darkest and meanest of times – pan handling has saved some of my friends and clients and gotten them to another day when they could get off the streets. However – no one I know who has successfully ended their homelessness did it by creating a savings account and business plan from Ppn handling.

If you must know my political leanings:

  • I don’t really care if we have complete universal health care as long as all babies can get their shots, anyone with TB or AIDS can receive medication, and health education about other preventable diseases are available to all. You know, Public Health concerns that if someone is denied treatment – it could harm me or my children. (“All politics is local”, Tip O’Neil said that) Cover the big stuff like emergencies and give out affordable options for everything in between.
  • I believe everyone should be forced to earn at High School Diploma or at least past a literacy test.
    Not all children should be funneled into college – if their talent lies in a vocational trade, they shouldn’t be ashamed to pursue that and be trained accordingly.
  • I believe that if you can work and you need the money, you should work.
  • I believe that if you have limitations to your ability to work, you should do your best to work with what you have.
    I believe that if you have enough time that you do not need to work – but also have talent and something to offer the community – you should. Don’t hide in your house if you can make the world a better place.
  • I believe that you are never too young to grow a social conscience and learn that people are worth the weight of their hearts and not their wallets and that we learn over and over again that to be human is to fail.
  • This means that dealing with other people involves being disappointed in their failings and sometimes looking like a fool when I try to pull a fail whale of my own.
  • I believe that because we are a government of the people, by the people and for the people – that we should participate in the government and not expect it to make our choices for us. We should understand that it is a living and growing entity and only as smart and informed and successful as the people who participate in it. Therefore – don’t complain if you don’t vote – participate if you can, volunteer – run for office and at all times be a good citizen.
  • I believe that if you receive benefit payments for food and shelter – you should use these funds for food and shelter and basic necessities. Drugs, alcohol, guitars, tattoos, jewelry, vacations and manicures are not necessities.
  • and I believe that if you just give up, don’t participate in your own life, and expect everyone else to save you – that you are simply wasting my time. Please come back when you are feeling more useful to your own self.

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