Even Pro Athletes can become Homeless

like Ray Williams. He now lives in his car. Ray is not an alcoholic, drug addict, criminal, nor is he diagnosed as mentally ill.He left the game about 25 years ago and has not been able to thrive in any “off the court” jobs since.  Ray is a man who is out of work andContinue reading “Even Pro Athletes can become Homeless”

Hawaiian Hairdresser – Hero of the Week

@hairgurl did a small but wonderful act. She took one person in need and did what she could to help him out, and that is what makes her a hero. She put her money where her heart and mouth was. Denise Sakai – Hero of the week Denise heard about a man who had two jobContinue reading “Hawaiian Hairdresser – Hero of the Week”

Don’t call us, we’ll call you…

Unless you don’t have a phone number. Then you need “Community Voice Mail“. It is a nationwide program. ‘How do you get a job without a phone? A place to live? Safety from domestic abuse? You don’t. Access to a telephone is a basic survival tool…and often one we don’t think of. Community Voice MailContinue reading “Don’t call us, we’ll call you…”

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