Kaiser Health Insurance for Children Not on Medi-Cal

KAISER PERMANENTE CARES FOR KIDS (Child Health Plan)    If your child has no medical coverage and is under the age of 19, this program can provide low-cost health insurance. The Child Health Plan is open to eligible children under age 19 who live within Kaiser Permanente’s California Service Area and are enrolled in participating publicContinue reading “Kaiser Health Insurance for Children Not on Medi-Cal”

Real vs. Fake High School Diploma

A High School Diploma can make the difference between “getting the job” and being passed over. It is the first and most menial of personal goals that shows on your resume. A fake diploma, or one from an unaccredited “school”,  is time and money wasted and not beneficial. The status of the accreditation for schools mayContinue reading “Real vs. Fake High School Diploma”

AIDs walks collide?

AHF just scheaduled a walk three weeks before the longstanding AIDs Project LA walk. This is the second time that AHF, a multi-million dollar charity has ursurped the social calendar of charity walks. They recently pulled this in Florida. Pollitically, it is likely that charitable donations will get a smaller tax break in the futureContinue reading “AIDs walks collide?”

Where did I go?

Sorry. My life has been a little crazy : people in the hospital,  people deciding to let their hearts stop while in the hospital, unexpected new babies, how do you tell the constantly dying patient about the new baby, exceptional children doing internships at the zoo, people claiming emotional “broken-ness”…. Uggh.  Are you kidding me?!?Continue reading “Where did I go?”

The Poverty Game

It’s a teaching tool, it’s a game, it’s a way to build empathy – or at least give yourself an ulcer for a semester. The Poverty Game was part of a Women’s Studies course at St Cloud University. Classes were divided in families, given an income range and roles. Family members are given jobs andContinue reading “The Poverty Game”

The Red Sox Want White Socks

for their “Sox for Socks” drive. The socks will be distributed to the homeless in the area. Why is this a good thing? When a person becomes homeless they often have lost their health insurance as well, and shoes wear out without being replaced with quality foot wear. 20% of all physical illness treatments inContinue reading “The Red Sox Want White Socks”

Craigslist post asking for rent –

Loan for rent needed asap! Date: 2010-07-13, 12:58PM PDT Reply to: comm-ueayv-1841152968@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]   Single mother desperately in need of a loan to pay rent that is due today! I have a 9 month old daughter and we can not be homeless! Unfortunately I used everything I had to move toContinue reading “Craigslist post asking for rent –”

San Diego Homeless Vets get residential

treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues. Previously the Veterans could be referred to a hospital for 10 days or subsidized housing – however the core issues of their homelessness were not being addressed. Read more ♥♥http://www.californiahealthline.org/articles/2010/7/13/va-to-open-treatment-facility-for-homeless-veterans-in-san-diego.aspx

Why I fail as a Political Wife

“You are very Pro-Homeless – and that means you would be a terrible Political Wife. You would say something well-meaning and alienate half a contingency”. My jaw dropped as I heard these words last week. I am not, Pro-Homeless. I am simply Pro-Human, Pro-dignity, and Anti-Homelessness where it can be avoided. I get that sometimes peopleContinue reading “Why I fail as a Political Wife”

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