SCAM! UHO – Oh No!

United Homeless Organization , the sidewalk tables collecting change – has been shut down. The change was not being sent to Homeless charities or soup kitchens. The funds were split among the people paying $20  to man the table for a shift and the organizers of UHO. They were making well over $100,000.00 a year and founder Stephen Riley and director Myra Walker have been accused of using “the money to fund personal shopping sprees at the GameStop, Home Shopping Network, Bed Bath & Beyond and P.C. Richard, as well as their monthly cable bills.”

I would make a terrible criminal, these kinds of things never occur to me…

If you want to give change and make a change – go directly to the charity of your choice or their website. Give where you can see the money in action. Take a personal investment in your financial investment – even if it is just pennies.

Already other “Agencies”, “charities” and “fundraisers” have set up shop.

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2 thoughts on “SCAM! UHO – Oh No!

  1. I worked for uho for 9 months when i found myself street helped me get hotel rooms toiletries and food.when salvation army could only offer me a bologna sandwhich and no shelter.which i steered clear from because single women shelters arent too i say it gives oppurtunity to mentally ill,or otherwise unemployable people to get by.most of the people i met worling there were formally homeless or homeless.the founder stephen was homeless and came up with the idea to let homeless collect thier own donations which i think it should be.these billion dollar charities dont offer much either.theres two ways to look at this.

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