Formerly Homeless Famous Folk . . .

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I like to keep a list of formerly homeless people handy so when I am talking to my homeless Welfare parents I can remind them that poverty and homelessness CAN BE TEMPORARY.

Halle Berry . . . Oscar-winning and Emmy Award-winning actress (shelter in New York City) (sources: Reader’s Digest, April 2007, cover story: “Halle Berry: From homeless shelter to Hollywood fame.” Page: 89: RD: “Is it true that when you moved to New York to begin your acting career, you lived in a shelter?” Berry: “Very briefly. …I wasn’t working for a while. RD: “How old were you then?” Berry: “I probably was about 21. But a girl had to do what a girl had to do. You can do that when you’re 21 and ambitious, and your eyes are this big and you don’t want to go home.”

Danny Bonaduce . . . actor; radio-show host; American author (car, just before beginning his radio career).

John Paul DeJoria . . . Billionaire American businessman; co-founder and spokesperson of the hair-care company “John Paul Mitchell Systems” (homeless twice in his early 20s as a single father in Los Angeles).

Don Imus . . . radio-show host; photographer; best-selling American author (between the dryers in a Laundromat in Hollywood, California).

David Letterman . . . Emmy Award-winning television writer-comedian; talk-show host; American author (host of the television talk-show Late Show with David Letterman) (red 1973 Chevy pickup truck).

Lil’ Kim . . . Grammy Award-winning rap singer; actress (car, for a time during her youth with her mother).

Traci Lords . . . actress-singer-songwriter; American author; former model (outdoor camping while a youth under a bridge one night with other runaway youths, as described in her autobiography Underneath It All).

Rose McGowan . . . actress (streets/sleeping in nightclubs in Portland, Oregon).

Phil McGraw / “Dr. Phil” . . . TV talk show host; best-selling American author; former psychologist (age 12, Kansas City, Kansas USA, after he and his father moved there while the elder McGarw interned as a psychologist) (source: Globe tabloid newspaper, June 22, 2009, pg 42, “Dirt Poor Dr. Phil Lived in a Car!”: “TV shrink Dr. Phil McGraw is a multimillionaire now, but as a youth, he was so poor, he was homeless and living in a car. … ‘I was homeless living in a car with my dad. We eventually got a room at the downtown YMCA for five bucks a week…”).

Tyler Perry . . . actor-director-writer-producer; playwright (car: Geo Metro convertible in the mid 1990s in Atlanta, Georgia USA) (source: Best Life magazine, April 2008, cover story: “A Longer, Richer Life: How Tyler Perry Went From Living in His Car to Commanding a $500 Million Enterprise (and Taking Control of the Starship Enterprise)”)

Joan Rivers . . . Emmy Award-winning television talk-show host; TV-radio show host; best-selling American author; comedienne (car).

Martin Sheen . . . Emmy Award-winning actor-director-producer (New York City subway while a young struggling actor).

Hilary Swank . . . Oscar-winning actress (car, an Oldsmobile/one of two air mattresses on the floor of a friend’s vacant house at age 15-16 with her mother after the two moved to Los Angeles from Washington state by car). (source, among others: Reader’s Digest, January 2007, cover story: “Hilary Swank: How Her Risky Choice Paid Off” Page 102: “In 1989, when she was 15, Swank and her mom packed up their Oldsmobile Delta 88 and, with just $75, headed to Los Angeles. They lived in the car until a friend gave them a place to stay. Swank’s mom used a pay phone to book her daughter for auditions.”)

Rob Thomas . . . Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter (park benches/beach; homeless for three years after turning 17).

Jean-Claude Van Damme . . . actor (Los Angeles streets) (source: The Sun, UK newspaper, Feb 6, 2009, interview, Van Damme: “My eldest son doesn’t know how to deal with society because I over-protect him because of my last life of being on the street and sleeping on the street and starving in L.A. I didn’t want him to have that.”).

Sam Worthingtin . . . actor (car for a time while a struggling actor) (source: various, news interview: “I was living in my car before I signed up for ‘Avatar’.” / Star magazine, January 11, 2010, page 14: “Before Avatar, the actor admits, he was ‘living in his car.'”).

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