Dress For Success Donation

Thank you Juana!

This is only part of one woman’s contribution toward helping low income mothers find work. This is a donation of interview and work clothing (yes, that is a store tags you see) brought to my office and all already on hangers.

We can not always give money to clients for interviewing – it is possible if they are in a GAIN activity like Job Club, Job Search, TSE/Paid Work Experience… but for an individual who is putting in time and effort outside of her GAIN activity (training, school, community service, therapies…) it is often embarrassing for her to look for work and wear street cloths that are tired, stained and worn. Everyone wants to look their best.  In my office we maintain a “boutique” to let women pick out an outfit or two to wear to interviews and the first day of work. Once we have proof that they have a job and a copy of the dress code, we can help them purchase “starter clothes”.

Thank you to Trish and Juana, and Daisy and all the other wonderful people who have donated to this cause.

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