Hero of the Week – Natalie Profant Komuro

PATH, @epath, @pathachieve does such amazing work that I am always surprised when you tell me you have not heard of it. Many of you have heard of it’s Media Star Mark Horvath aka @hardlynormal. There is a bigger (but much shorter – even in her high heels) , possibly better hero hiding in Glendale – and if you never get to see her in action – you are definitely missing out.

Natalie Profant Komuro is unexpected. She is unexpectedly kind and funny and generous with her attention and her time; with her clients, and staff and the general public. Because of the nature of her work, and the success of her portion of PATH – I expected a cranky dictator in Birkenstocks. Instead I met this woman who can be summed up in one word: class.

She doesn’t seek or hog the spotlight. When she talks about her work – she is a one woman PR department who is quick to point to the skills of her staff and tout their successes.

She talks about her shelter, the services that Path Achieve provides and her residents with personal care – and asks for opinions as often as she gives her own while planning. I have worked in Homeless Services for a long while and that is unique.

 Her work makes a difference and improves lives. I would not push her on you just because I like her, or because she is nice, or because she is pretty. NATALIE is EFFECTIVE. She plans and she succeeds and hundreds of people are living happier, more dignified lives because she has made an effort to make a change.

You can read her bio at http://www.epath.org/toknowus/headlines/headlines.php?headline=96 . However, I suggest you check out my nomine of Hero of the Week by volunteering at Glendale Path Achieve or come out for the Homeless Connect Day in the Fall. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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