Politics and Welfare -Myths

  • CalWORKS is growing fast and contributing to the Budget Deficit in California

Since it began, CalWORKS has added $12 Billion to the state General Fund.  This is because the funds have been shifted from TANF and Maintenance Effort accounts into the General Funds. (Basically, CalWORKS funds are not all needed by CalWORKS so they are diverted for other uses in the state budget).

 In addition, the federal government issues about $3.7Billion dollars to the state to fund the program. 

It generates $130 million in sales tax revenue (when you give the needy money – they have the need to spend it and we tax almost every pennyCalWORKS is only 2.4% of the state budget.

  • Only 22% of CalWORKS households are meeting the participation requirements , aka WPR, the Work Participation Rate

The WPR is a “snapshot” of the program for one moment in time. It does not include people who are working part-time or who have hours that fluctuate. If I were working 35 hours one week and the next week we had a holiday so I only worked 28 hours – I would look like I wasn’t participating

50% of adults who are required to work for their welfare actually have earned income.  These are the working poor who are not counted in the WPR rate of CalWORKS and because they have a job of any kind, they are not captured in the UnEmployment statistics either.

65% of work-required adults participate in some type of work or education activity.

  • Welfare/CalWORKS is a “Lifestyle” and you know generations of people who live off the program.

Over 400,000 families have transitioned off CalWORKS into employment and off the Welfare rolls since the program began.

There is a lifetime  limit of 5 years with only specific exceptions for program eligibility for adults.

Having more children will not increase your cash aid unless you were on birth control or subject to sexual assault. (IE – it wasn’t you intention to have another child)

I thank  The California State Association of Counties for most of this information




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