State Sen. Tony Strickland, R-Moorpark

See… sometimes I am not ashamed to be a Republican. Thanks Tony for your article in the Ventura County Star. ” The majority in Sacramento need to stop treating hard-working California families like an ATM machine by reaching into their pockets every time they run out of money.” “If we want to get out of thisContinue reading “State Sen. Tony Strickland, R-Moorpark”

Politics and Welfare -Myths

CalWORKS is growing fast and contributing to the Budget Deficit in California Since it began, CalWORKS has added $12 Billion to the state General Fund.  This is because the funds have been shifted from TANF and Maintenance Effort accounts into the General Funds. (Basically, CalWORKS funds are not all needed by CalWORKS so they are divertedContinue reading “Politics and Welfare -Myths”

I NEED Community Service ideas

for low-income parents who will have child care and transportation already taken care of for them. I have a population of adults with education varying from GED’s in progress to Bachelor degrees. Many of them have Vocational Training in Medical Assisting and General Office. The point of Community Service is to help my clients engageContinue reading “I NEED Community Service ideas”

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