Domesitc Violence Shelters are hurting

reducing services, staff and possibly beds because there are not enough funds to keep them going.

The state funds have been reduced, Federal Stimulus finding is going away, but the need for the services remain the same or greater. So where can the money come from.

Ultimately the funding comes from you – sometimes in tax dollars that turn into State and Federal Funds, and sometimes in corporate gifts from your workplace or personal donations direct from your pocket.

I agree – it would be best if we didn’t need these services at all. If adults would stop beating on, screaming at, trying to control or hurt each other. i am all for peace – but also for reality.

Today I had a little kid whose mother is a DV victim in my office. She was so closed down, expressionless and had absolutely no plans or goals for her life. She could not see a way out of her situation and basically  plans to live from couch to couch until her son turns 18 and paying her way with cash aid.

Her three-year old child ran rampant – destroying items on co-workers desks, writing on walls and floors and disrupting the entire office with his attempt to get his mother’s attention. Her reaction was  to tune him out and say “I just want out. I can’t take the stress of all this and of him” Domestic Violence has effected this boy. He has learned that to get attention he must be disrespectful and disruptive – but still – Domestic Violence has robbed him of his mother who is incapable of addressing her needs – much less those of her son.

The YWCA Wings program, and other women’s DV services that offer more than beds, the ones that offer case management, life skills, group therapy, individual therapy, and play therapy for the kids – THIS is where your time and money could be spent to really make a change.

If all the government funds run out – all is not lost if the rest of the community steps in.

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