CALWORKS is not a political football

So stop tossing it around like the program is a pastime or a toy. Seriously!

I get that picking on the poor (who are the least likely to vote) is super easy. No one wants to be them and it scares us so we despise them. Sometimes we feel that we are successful only because we are trying to be – therefore the poor must NOT be trying and are leaching off our hard-won tax dollars.

But that isn’t true.

Many of the families on CalWorks / GAIN are the working poor. Their child support is being collected by the county and used to re-pay their CalWorks grants and cash aid. 

Almost half of the people receiving cash Aid  (40%)are CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18.

Changing the time line from 5 years to 2 years to 2 days isn’t going to matter. It isn’t the number of people who use the program that you should be looking at. Please look at the number of people who NEED services like the program  –  enrolled in it or not.

Do a follow-up study of people who used to be on the Welfare Rolls but have left it. How many left before the 5 year time line was up. How many of them, like me, now work inside the system to make it more effective?

Don’t kick it around because it is the EASY thing to do. Look at the HARD work that the program does, the tax dollars it generates by putting clients to work and helping them to make more money so they can pay more taxes.  Sure, there are things that you can fix in the CalWORKS program – but to simply say “Eliminate it” or “Cut the timeline” is stupid.  Yes, I said STUPID.

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