Sometimes the “system” is broken

She was just here – a bright and smiling mother of three elementary school children. I try to keep looking at her in the eyes and not let my eyes wander to the dents in her skull or scars on her arms where she was hit over and over again with a hammer.

She was excited because her previous Domestic Violence therapist helped her apply for the special Section 8 for DV victims and she was able to move from downtown LA to The Valley. Her kids have been in school here for a few weeks and she is itching to get out of the house, go to work, volunteer, or do anything. First, however, she needs to find a more local Domestic Violence therapist so she doesn’t have to travel back to the “danger zone” and it would be more convenient.

So… I call. I get an appointment for next week. that is – until I tell the new provider that she has been in services as recently as March.

Apparently it will be too much paperwork for this new therapy location to apply for county re-payment of therapy for my client  – so she will have to wait until the beginning of the Fiscal Year. I explain that the PT feels she must have DV help in order to maintain the stress of a new location and being on her own – and they explain that I don’t know what a hassel it would be for them to take her now so I can give her an appointment the second week of July or not at all.

Really? Seriously? A difficult accounting situation is more important than this lady .

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