VOLUNTEER opportunities

United Way LA keeps a list posted of places and ways you can volunteer your time and talent. www.unitedwayla.org. Also read their suggestions of coalitions and agencies you can become involved with to make a difference. 

“Join Local Coalitions: Help end homelessness by getting involved in local coalitions working toward permanent solutions.

  • Project Y!MBY (Yes! In My Backyard) is a local solution to end homelessness by connecting people to existing care and resources. By engaging community members, Project Y!MBY offers a collaborative approach to improve coordination of homeless services. To get involved, contact Ann English at 323-960-3333.
  • Housing Los Angeles is a broad coalition of community organizations, affordable housing developers, labor unions, and religious congregations working to increase and preserve the supply of safe, decent homes that people can afford. To get involved, go to www.scanph.org/node/38 or contact Eric Ares at 213.480.1249 x254
  • Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger and Homelessness works in the community to end hunger and homelessness through public education, organizing, and community action. To get involved, call 213-251-0041, or go to www.lacehh.org.” –http://www.unitedwayla.org/involved/eh/Pages/cla.aspx

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