Hero of the week – Andrea Caster

Families – no matter the make up, are the cornerstone to our society and link to  emotional, spiritual and financial security. When families collapse – it can be tragic – violent and devastating. It takes a skilled hand and strong back to catch people when their families collapse – compassion, understanding and shrewdness to help them navigate the legal system to restore balance to their lives.

To this end, Andrea Merrill Caster is my hero , not just for the week, but in general. She is a Family Law Attorney who charges about $250 an hour but often works pro-bono through   Kids Alliance and volunteers for Breathe L.A. , The Los Angeles County Bar Association, and The  Southern California Jurisdiction of De Molay.

Andrea is my first “Hero of the Week” that I actually know. We met 18 years ago through the Masons and were state officers for IOJD a year apart from each other. She struck me as a bouncy, boisterous and fun girl and it was years before I discovered her dirty little secret. The girl is compassionately brilliant.

Occasionally our professional lines will cross. She represents women who have survived Domestic Abuse and that just happens to be the largest cause of homelessness amongst women – and I work with homeless women on Welfare.

I am inspired by her both professionally and personally.

  •  Professionally because I know first hand the need for lawyers like Andrea and the value of a lawyer who is as interested in healing her clients lives as she is in winning her cases. 
  • Personally because I grew up with many wonderful people who are smart and successful. Some of them own land and businesses and are financially rich. Andrea is one of the few who decided to define her success by living a life or purpose and serving the common good.  

Law Office of Andrea M. Caster      ♥      Los Angeles, CA 90064

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