VOLUNTEER opportunities

United Way LA keeps a list posted of places and ways you can volunteer your time and talent. http://www.unitedwayla.org. Also read their suggestions of coalitions and agencies you can become involved with to make a difference.  “Join Local Coalitions: Help end homelessness by getting involved in local coalitions working toward permanent solutions. Project Y!MBY (Yes!Continue reading “VOLUNTEER opportunities”

Domestic Violence Victems who work

have new protections in Conneticut. http://www.mondaq.com/unitedstates/article.asp?articleid=102508 “explicitly prohibits an employer from refusing to hire, terminating, penalizing, threatening, or otherwise retaliating against any employee because the worker is a victim of family violence or because the employee attends or participates in a court proceeding related to a civil case in which he or she is aContinue reading “Domestic Violence Victems who work”

PATH is hiring!

Do you want to make a difference in Homeless Services in the Los Angeles area? You are in luck! PATH is hiring! http://www.epath.org/pathpeople/career.php . They are looking for accountants, case managers, cooks and more. I will tell you that the most important attribute for someone working with in Social Service is NOT your ability toContinue reading “PATH is hiring!”

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