Infrastructure or Social Services?

To end poverty and benefit the community as a whole – should you spend your dollars on infrastructure or social services? Do you fund the painful symptom or cure the illness?

You have to do both. Building enough homeless shelters to house everyone only puts people in shelters – it does not give them any hope or means to change their circumstances.

People need jobs, and careers and something to do to earn money for rent and mortgages , food and clothing. Infrastructure provides that.

Infrastructure: building roads, bridges, trains, buildings, schools, etc provides jobs in the construction and implementation and maintenance of these items. It also creates a healthy community and environment for people of all income levels.  It takes people with means to have donors to build and maintain the shelters and other social services that are often run by community non-profit and faith based organizations.

Plan and balance the needs of your community so that you provide for growth and success at the same time that you offer help to those in need. Use those who are asking for help to help the community in return by participating in the building of your infrastructure.

Obvious answer – I know. But I think it is often over looked by people who only see “growth” or “need” .

What are your thoughts?

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