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Eric Ken Shinseki   A 4 star general working to end homelessness for veterans.

The New York Times says “Mr. Shinseki has set a goal of eliminating homelessness among veterans within five years; there are an estimated 107,000 homeless veterans today, down from 131,000 last year. He is taking action to make the agency more sensitive to women, who soon will make up 15 percent of the military; today, there are some veterans’ facilities without women’s bathrooms.”

“Eric Shinseki is a soldier’s soldier and a veterans’ veteran,” said Representative Chet Edwards, a Texas Democrat and the chairman of the Veterans Affairs appropriations subcommittee. “His heart and soul is with the care of troops.”

He is the first Asian American to be a 4 star general and is most famously  credited with being right about needing more troops to Iraq when Rumsfeld and the Bush Adminstration were planning around the insurgency.

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