Hero of the week

Eric Ken Shinseki   A 4 star general working to end homelessness for veterans. The New York Times says “Mr. Shinseki has set a goal of eliminating homelessness among veterans within five years; there are an estimated 107,000 homeless veterans today, down from 131,000 last year. He is taking action to make the agency more sensitiveContinue reading “Hero of the week”

Tips for EBT card use

Are the funds on your card? Where can you use your card for Food stamps and where can you spend the Cash Aid portion? LADPSS has a simple primer for knowing where and how to use your card. this is from their web page http://www.ladpss.org/dpss/ebt/ebt_terms.cfm EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) EBT is the way you will receiveContinue reading “Tips for EBT card use”

Charity funds not being released

to the Homeless Population for which it was raised. They organized a telethon and requested funding assistance from local houses of worship – but no one can figure out how to apply for and actually receive the housing funds raised in Sacramento. Someone said the confusion is a reflection of the need. Uh, no. TheContinue reading “Charity funds not being released”

My Friday Success Story

OMG! I had heard that if someone has a guarentee of employment we can pay for training related to that job. I had never tried to apply for that funding on behalf of a client before. Guess what?!?! I just called the client to tell them the training fees will be on his EBT card onContinue reading “My Friday Success Story”

Law and Veterans

Special courts and rules for judging American Veterans who have committed crimes that may be related to having served are becoming more common. “The VA and organizations supporting veterans argue that the special courts are often the first place wayward veterans discover the many benefits they are eligible for, such as medical and psychological care.”Continue reading “Law and Veterans”

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