SCAM! UHO – Oh No!

United Homeless Organization , the sidewalk tables collecting change – has been shut down. The change was not being sent to Homeless charities or soup kitchens. The funds were split among the people paying $20  to man the table for a shift and the organizers of UHO. They were making well over $100,000.00 a year and founderContinue reading “SCAM! UHO – Oh No!”

Homeless supper club

In North Hollywood. They live on the streets and eat at restaurants that take EBT , carry fruit and granola in their bags and exist on the local services such as BTAC. One lady took the time to tell me she traveled to California with a friend to stay with a third friend…but then friendships fellContinue reading “Homeless supper club”

Formerly Homeless Famous Folk . . .

Do you think THEY would help save @URM @HopeGardens? I like to keep a list of formerly homeless people handy so when I am talking to my homeless Welfare parents I can remind them that poverty and homelessness CAN BE TEMPORARY. Halle Berry . . . Oscar-winning and Emmy Award-winning actress (shelter in New York City)Continue reading “Formerly Homeless Famous Folk . . .”

Individual reality – being homeless

It is hard to think about homelessness and childhood. It is almost so painful that we just don’t think about it.  Being “homeless” is still viewed as a grown man’s problem. It is an epidemic in our Veterans or issue regarding the adults who sleep in the bus stops. But the truth is that HomelessnessContinue reading “Individual reality – being homeless”

the White House livestream on homelessness

“Opening Doors”  USICH meeting on continuing efforts to prevent and end homelessness. The White House My Veteran’s Affairs hero is speaking. I love him! HUD/V A Supportive Housing has been the best tool for ending homelessness. By the end of next year it can bring 30,000 veterans and families out of homelessness.

Famous, Rich & Homeless

On Green Planet. I just found this program based in Europe about Homeless citizens and advocates trying to help them. It seems that the advocates are rich people who have chosen to pair up with a homeless person and join them in living on the streets and try to mentor the individual they are pairedContinue reading “Famous, Rich & Homeless”

Free Glasses and Eye Exams for the poor

Medi-Cal no longer covers glasses, and many people don’t have enough money for private insurance and earn too much for Medi-Cal anyway. How can they find glasses? ———————————————————— VSP and Sight for Students “Sight for Students is a VSP charity that provides free vision exams and glasses to low-income, uninsured children. The program operates nationally throughContinue reading “Free Glasses and Eye Exams for the poor”

Dress For Success Donation

Thank you Juana! This is only part of one woman’s contribution toward helping low income mothers find work. This is a donation of interview and work clothing (yes, that is a store tags you see) brought to my office and all already on hangers. We can not always give money to clients for interviewing – itContinue reading “Dress For Success Donation”

Hero of the Week – Natalie Profant Komuro

PATH, @epath, @pathachieve does such amazing work that I am always surprised when you tell me you have not heard of it. Many of you have heard of it’s Media Star Mark Horvath aka @hardlynormal. There is a bigger (but much shorter – even in her high heels) , possibly better hero hiding in Glendale – and if you neverContinue reading “Hero of the Week – Natalie Profant Komuro”

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