What’s in a name Hobo . Homeless . Bums.

Hobo, Tramp and Bum are all vulgar words that demean the people they describe. Using these words  is easier than saying “migrant worker”, “person without a home”, “wanderer”, “someone down on his luck”, “unemployed and out of housing”. But, they were not always vulgar. They are names in a caste system of wanders and migrants. A HoboContinue reading “What’s in a name Hobo . Homeless . Bums.”

iHobo – Your own Homeless Man for iPhone

Want to own a Homeless Man? There’s an App for that. The UK has a FREE app that gives you 3 days of caring for a virtual homeless man . you have to feed him and give him his sleeping bag in real-time. Sometimes at times inconvenient to the user. If your iHobo isn’t fedContinue reading “iHobo – Your own Homeless Man for iPhone”

Sleeping in your car – part 2

If you have to sleep in your car – do so in a place that is safe. Many people suggest a Wal*Mart parking lot. Others have suggested a “rest stop” such as the ones along California’s highways. They have running water, restrooms, and power outlets as well as many truck drivers catching naps in theirContinue reading “Sleeping in your car – part 2”

Job Fair TODAY

9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the community center’s Grace Black Auditorium, at 3130 N. Tyler Ave., El Monte. Dolphin Trucking, Vons, World Financial Group, the Los Angeles Police Department, Hawaiian Gardens Casino, L.A. County Registrar-Recorder  will be some of the employers at the Job Fair. go–go–go!!!!

Art, Outreach and kids

Taylor “Tae Tae” Davis is a tween who does art as outreach and engagement with children who are living in a homeless shelter. Rock on! Read her story :http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/05/25/1647314/village-student-brings-joy-of.html

Don’t cut Welfare – Prune it

Welfare and Welfare to Work programs are vital to the recovery of families in poverty. Welfare to Work pushes clients towards employment and provides basic education and training that clients need in order to get and keep a job that will provide enough income for their family to leave the Welfare Rolls. California Government isContinue reading “Don’t cut Welfare – Prune it”

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