$ Jobs for youth on CalWorks and Food Stamps


If your family is receiving CalWorks, Cash Aid or Food Stamps, your child may qualify for a summer job from Los Angeles County.

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2 thoughts on “$ Jobs for youth on CalWorks and Food Stamps

  1. hello im in need of a job. I have obligations such as school that requires me to pay. they are asking 4 money that i nor my family have, so i need a job to reach my goal of paying for classes at el camino junior college. thank you

    1. Keith, ask El Camino for a Work Study program or on campus job. Also ask about the Board of Govenors Grant (BOGG) that can pay for fees and tuition iof you are low income, Pell and CalGrants are available and UPS almost always has night time jobs.
      Check out The WorkSource center near you and temporary agencies also.
      Dress nicely when you get the application, have someone proof read your resume.
      Good luck, and let me know how it goes.

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