Hope Gardens is running out of hope.

Hope Gardens of Union Rescue Mission is about to close due to funding.

I am kinda freaking out. These are my people – homeless welfare moms and their children who have been abused and finally are able to sleep safe and find work and normalize their lives while in a safe and nurturing place.

34 moms and 74 children will lose the safe place they call home while preparing to be self-sustaining after living through Domestic Abuse.  Remember how I am always telling you that homelessness is a Women’s Issue – this is it in the flesh and YOU can help. 24 more FAMILIES were preparing to move from Skid Row to this shelter and now they can’t move in – and they will be joined on the streets by the current Hope Garden’s residents.

There is nowhere for them to go. The state budget crushed funding to Domestic Violence education for teens and services in general. As citizens, we are all living in an economic crisis and I am sure your every penny is accounted for and has a necessary expenditure planned for it.

Change your priorities for a week and see what you can Donate online  It is TAX DEDUCTABLE!

  • Get coupon happy this week  and buy the store brands so you can  donate what you have saved.
  • Skip seeing Sex and the City 2 or movies and donate the $10 to Hope Gardens – trust that your money will see more life changing drama than any HBO series!
  • Text “URM” at 85944 to donate $10 via your cell phone and reply “yes” when prompted
  • Hold off on your manicure for a week and donate the $20 to women who are holding on to their lives by the skin of their nails
  • Instead of a fancy dinner date – have a cheap date: picnic in the park, walk on the beach, a night in – and donate the savings to families having a date with destiny.

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http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/local/los_angeles&id=7459872 – it made it on the news

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