Help me help you . . .

This is the list of comments I hope to never hear again…

  • Good mother’s don’t go to work
  • I was going to call you and reschedule, but then it occurred to me, I don’t have a phone. I went to a payphone, but then it hit me: I don’t have $.25 to call.  I started to write to you, but if I had the money for a stamp, I would have just used it on the payphone.  (Sent via e-mail. My peeps are resourceful!)
  • I am not a bus person
  •        I can’t look for a job on the bus
  •        I can’t expose my children to public transportation
  •        Riding the bus is for losers
  •        Why can’t you just pay for a cab to drive me to school
  • It is inconvenient for me to look for work
  • How much will you pay me to look for a job
  • Iworked it out and you are paying me less than $4 an hour on Welfare
  • I am going out of the country for 2 months, do I need to report that to The County – because I need the Welfare Money since I won’t be at my part time job
  • It’s the government’s fault I can’t find a job
  • Why should I look for a job, we’re in a recession
  • I won’t work for minimum wage
  • Why did they fire me for missing the first day of work
  • Welfare doesn’t pay me enough
  • Why won’t my food stamps buy alcohol
  • I have a tooth ache so I will miss the appointment
  • I can’t come to your office because it is raining
  • I used to pay taxes so I will stay on Welfare and get every penny back that I paid in
  • My kids don’t live with me, but don’t tell anyone that because I need their cash aid
  • I don’t want to work because I will lose my cash aid
  • Good people don’t stay in shelters
  • I can never make it on my own
  • It is better to be beaten and have a house than be homeless and look for work
  • I can’t leave my child in day care – I will work when he/she turns five
  • I had another child so why didn’t my cash aid increase
  • My child just turned 18, how can she open a Welfare case and put me on it
  • I have a bachelor’s degree and now I want you to pay for my PhD
  • 32 hours a week is asking too much of my time
  • I want to be paid for babysitting my own children
  • I thought changing a diaper in the middle of my job interview would be alright
  • I didn‘t want him to leave me so I had his baby

Okay people, It is all about you and your attitude

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One thought on “Help me help you . . .

  1. I should disclose that I don’t hear these remarks often, and they are NEVER repeated twice to me. Most clients are motivated and working hard to improve their situations….but sometimes, just sometimes I hear the most amazing remarks from people

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