Help me help you . . .

This is the list of comments I hope to never hear again… Good mother’s don’t go to work I was going to call you and reschedule, but then it occurred to me, I don’t have a phone. I went to a payphone, but then it hit me: I don’t have $.25 to call.  I startedContinue reading “Help me help you . . .”

Knoxville Tenn. openly discussed 10 year plan

the TYP to end Homelessness in Knoxville has it’s own website and actively responds to comments and questions. Transparency and connection with the community – I like it.

EBT – When will my money be on the card

Look at your EBT/ Golden State Advantage card. Read the number carefully. FOOD STAMPS / GR The very last number to the right will be the day of the month your benefits are on the card. ♥          ♥               ♥              ♥                                ♥          ♥               ♥              ♥ CalWORKS  if the number is:                                     Benefits will be on the card:Continue reading “EBT – When will my money be on the card”

Parking Meters to help the homeless

Helping your change make a change . Denver Parking Meter Program : Denver’s Road Home has been implemented in other cities as well. Instead of giving change to panhandlers – will donors can drop change into special and distinct Parking Meters and the funds are used by shelters and homeless service agencies. Denver has 86 metersContinue reading “Parking Meters to help the homeless”

$ Jobs for youth on CalWorks and Food Stamps

  If your family is receiving CalWorks, Cash Aid or Food Stamps, your child may qualify for a summer job from Los Angeles County.

Job Fair at City of Glendale for Ross

  WORK WHERE YOU LOVE TO SHOP!  __Attend our Management Open House:__ Date:            Thursday, June 3, 2010 Time:            09:30AM-4:00PM                      Location:      1255 South Central Ave            Glendale, CA  91204       Currently interviewing for                       San Fernando/Burbank        and Glendale areas.   Assistant Store Managers Store Managers Area Supervisors  Bring Your Right to Work Documents withContinue reading “Job Fair at City of Glendale for Ross”

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