HUD’s New Homeless Definitions – Proposed



  • People who are living in a place not meant for human habitation, in emergency shelter, in transitional housing, or are exiting an institution where they temporarily resided.

READ: If you were homeless and then went to a shelter or transitional living  facility – you will NO LONGER have to sleep on the streets or emergency shelter in order to be “homeless enough” to be counted as homeless IF you were homeless before entering that institution 

  • People who are losing their primary nighttime residence, which may include a motel or hotel or a doubled up situation, in 14 days and lack resources or support networks to remain in housing.

Currently it is only a 7 day window that qualifies you as homeless. Look for documentation guidelines and regulations for this.

  • Families with children or unaccompanied youth who are unstably housed and likely to continue in that state.

This is a new category of homelessness, and it applies to families with children and unaccompanied youth who have not had a lease or ownership interest in a housing unit in the last 91 or more days, have had three or more moves in the last 90 days, and who are likely to continue to be unstably housed because of disability or multiple barriers to employment.

  • People who are fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence, have no other residence, and lack the resources or support networks to obtain other permanent housing. This category is similar to the current practice regarding people who are fleeing domestic violence.



I found this at then editorialized it

Debunking MYTH’s about Homeless definitions


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