5/21/10 News about Hunger & Homeless

Florida passes a Homeless Hate Crimes Law Virginia: A $2.4 million federal stimulus grant for Fairfax County has helped more than 600 people avoid becoming homeless Seattle: Don’t call 911 to report a Homeless Encampment – call the City Customer Service Number 206- 684-2489 $3.5 Billion pledged by Obama to feed other countries. Most ofContinue reading “5/21/10 News about Hunger & Homeless”

The best thing I’ve read today

about the state of Homelessness and need for compassion. Thank you kathy.silverberg@comcast.net  and The Herald Tribune. http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20100521/COLUMNIST/5211011/2107/BUSINESS?p=3&tc=pg Here are the (in my view) the best quotes: Homelessness is a complicated issue that does not have a single solution. Military veterans are also overrepresented among the homeless population. The Veterans Administration estimates that 20 percent ofContinue reading “The best thing I’ve read today”

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