NIMBY-ism in Dallas housing solution

I wonder if Dallas Texas City Council member Dave Neumann and Scott Griggs, president of the Fort Worth Avenue Development Group want to know about the mental health and income of everyone in their city – or if they are prejudice against the homeless? Apparently if you have been homeless then you should not be able to live near a school. How many other restrictions would he like to impose as if being homeless equated to being a sex offender?

“Neumann and Griggs said that the complex’s proximity to residential neighborhoods and Stevens Park Elementary School is a concern and that housing authority leaders need to present their plan to the public.”

“In a news release, Griggs wrote: “While north Oak Cliff is committed to our social responsibility to aid the longtime homeless with mental illness and addictions, we must balance this commitment with our responsibilities to the quality of life of the adjacent neighborhoods and the quality of education to our children.””

——————♥ so, living in a building next to a previously homeless person will keep you from learning in school? ———♥

“I very clearly communicated I was against it. I said go meet with the neighbors,” Neumann said. “I thought this was dead.””


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