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If my child is pregnant, does she have to attend school?
Yes.  Pregnancy does not absolve the need to comply with the compulsory attendance law requirements.  Your daughter may continue to attend her regular high school, or she may request a referral to the Teen Parent Program within the LAUSD.


Los Angeles Unified School District
Pupil Services and Attendance
The Teen Parent Program
1430 South San Julian St, Building 7
Los Angeles, Ca 90015
(213)765-2880     Fax (213)765-3867



Hours of Operation:

  • Monday, Thursday, Friday:    11am to 3pm
  • Saturday : 11am to 2pm
  •  Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday: CLOSED


Cal Learn – the DPSS service to Pregnant Teens!

County of Los Angeles Cal-Learn Toll Free Number: 1-800-511-2070

  • Intensive Case Management Services
    • Payments for necessary child care, transportation and educational expenses enable pregnant/parenting teens to attend school.
    • Bonuses and sanctions encourage school attendance and good grades. Four $100 bonuses/sanctions per year may be earned/applied based on report card results, plus a one-time $500 bonus for graduating or attaining an equivalent high school diploma. 
  • Case management services are provided by community based Cal-Learn contractors. Services provided to Cal-Learn participants by Cal-Learn contractors include, but are not limited to:

      Enhanced parenting skills.

      Pre- and postnatal care (instructions on proper nutrition, immunizations, etc.).

      Facilitate the ongoing relationship between the teen parent, the non-custodial parent and the child, as

      Assess the suitability of the teen’s living situation.

    assists teen parents to obtain education, health and social services.

    CalWORKs Eligibility for Pregnant/Parenting Teens

    Teenagers who are pregnant or already have a child(ren) and have never been married must live with their own parent(s), a guardian, another adult relative, or in an adult-supervised supportive living arrangement such as group homes and foster care in order to qualify for CalWORKs benefits. There are exceptions, if the participant:

      Has no living parent or guardian, or their whereabouts are unknown.

      The parent(s) will not allow the participant to live with them.

      A child protective services worker determines that the participant or child would be in emotional or physical
        danger if they lived with these adults.

      The participant lived apart from her parents for at least 12 months before the child was born or application was
         made for assistance.

      The participant is married.

      The participant is emancipated.



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