Find a CalWORKS office near you

LA County CalWORKs Offices
02- Glendale
03 Pasadena
04 El Monte
05 Belvedere
06 Cudahy
11 East Valley
12 Exposition Park
13 Metro Family
15 Metro East
17 Florence
20 San Gabriel Valley
26 Compton
27 South Central
31 South Family
34 Lancaster
36 Pomona
38 Metro North
40 Norwalk
51 Santa Clarita
60 Rancho Park
62 Paramount District
66 Lincoln Heights
82 West Valley
83 Southwest Family
Updated September 20, 2001 – from the LA County DPSS web site

The red number is the REGION Number. Click the blue link by the number to go to the page for your local region and find the HELP Number and directions.

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