Toby’s House for pregnant women in crisis

“Toby’s House is a maternity shelter for homeless, pregnant women and their children under the age of five years old.” near San Diego California. Clients and their children (Under the age of 5) may stay for the first 30 days free while they look for work or enroll in school. Life skills classes such asContinue reading “Toby’s House for pregnant women in crisis”

♥ South Dakota’s Tim Johnson ♥

U.S. Senator Tim Johnson is my Man of the Week. (okay, so that is something I just started today – but really – I think we should celebrate those who Do GOOD for us more often) “May 20, 2010 Today, as chairman of the VA Appropriations Subcommittee, I will be co-chairing a hearing with SenatorContinue reading “♥ South Dakota’s Tim Johnson ♥”

NIMBY-ism in Dallas housing solution

I wonder if Dallas Texas City Council member Dave Neumann and Scott Griggs, president of the Fort Worth Avenue Development Group want to know about the mental health and income of everyone in their city – or if they are prejudice against the homeless? Apparently if you have been homeless then you should not be able toContinue reading “NIMBY-ism in Dallas housing solution”

Find a CalWORKS office near you

02- Glendale 03 Pasadena 04 El Monte 05 Belvedere 06 Cudahy 11 East Valley 12 Exposition Park 13 Metro Family 15 Metro East 17 Florence 20 San Gabriel Valley 26 Compton 27 South Central 31 South Family 34 Lancaster 36 Pomona 38 Metro North 40 Norwalk 51 Santa Clarita 60 Rancho Park 62 Paramount DistrictContinue reading “Find a CalWORKS office near you”

Pregnancy Help Center of San Gabriel Valley

Teen or adult, pregnant or boyfriend/husband of someone who is pregnant, the Pregnancy Help Center is a great place to get referrals, someone to talk to and the basic furniture and baby supplies when you can not afford them. Pregnancy Help Center of San Gabriel Valley . Services also in Spanish. This is all from their siteContinue reading “Pregnancy Help Center of San Gabriel Valley”

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