Seth Diamond, Dunce or Devil?

New York has the most Homeless individuals it has seen since the Great Depression so of course it is removing Employment Specialists (Job Developers) from 13 shelters. With fewer than 4% of all new housing being set aside for the Homeless (far fewer than when Koch was in charge) – clients of the local shelters are being told that they are homeless because they are not out there every day looking for work. Huh? 900,000 New Yorkers are currently Unemployed. unemployment leads to no paycheck which leads to no rent/mortgage funds which leads to homelessness. If there are no jobs, no one can work. 

Does anyone else feel that his answer is too simplistic and not realistic? 

Seth Diamond, Dunce or Devil?


Please tell me what “activities” the people in the shelters will be assigned to? I am all about sending people to work. you might have gotten that much because my job is basically sending homeless welfare parents to work or training for work. But even I know that there are not enough jobs for everyone and that the competition is fierce when thousands of equally skilled people apply for the same job. 

Perhaps the city of New York, the State of New York and every other American city and state could focus on creating jobs and bringing back the jobs we have shipped overseas?!

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