“THOSE kind of people”

I received a comment that Koch Industries funding for the homeless would be wasted because “those kind of people” are not good press and instead of supporting the effort to end the causes or symptoms of homelessness – funders will be “bemoaned”. Really? What kind of people are the homeless really and how do you seeContinue reading ““THOSE kind of people””

Portnoy Please! (Aka I am a groupie)

@danPortnoy and @portnoymedia are not the name brand main stream names you think of when you think of Media Hype and Internet Chic… but only if you are really uncool. So, throw on your parkas and jump into the freezer baby and check out Dan. (okay, I am uncool too – but you knew that –Continue reading “Portnoy Please! (Aka I am a groupie)”

HardlyNormal in Alaska

Eskimos, Rain Forests, Glaciers, Cruise ships… not so much. When Mark went to Alaska he visited with mayors and people in need of housing and services. Watch him HERE:http://www.ustream.tv/channel/invisblepeople-tv Also find interviews with other mayors and service groups. Yes, I know, I am a groupie. What’s it to ya?!?

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