Want $90 a night?

you should have been a registered sex offender in Suffolk County New York.

“The voucher system is a policy for sex offender emergency housing in Suffolk, in which the Department of Social Services gives a homeless sex offender a daily voucher of $90 and the sex offender is responsible for finding their own housing,” -County Legislature Presiding Officer William J. Lindsay (D-Holbrook)

Those who can not find a place to stay are housed in a trailer parked by the jail. Originally the trailer was to be rotated around the county properties 

A community forum in January 2009 had 300 people enraged that the Homeless Sex Offenders are housed in a trailer in the County Jail’s parking lot, within a mile from a park and the public library. The offenders are driven BY TAXI back and forth to their home towns.

Lindsay just passed a bill ending the voucher system, however state law mandates that the Department of Social Service house every homeless person , even the sex offenders.

At the same time that this bill is passing, the Westhampton Beach Trailer is being upgraded with showers, running water and enlargements. The residents there do not feel like the County is about to keep the promise that the trailer was a temporary arrangement.

I am curious. Were all homeless people eligible for the $90 a night voucher? and REALLY?! There is a law that the state must find housing for every homeless person in New York?! How are they really addressing that and are non-criminal Homeless People being offered services on par with the ones (including taxi fare) that the sex offenders have been receiving?

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