I dare you

Because NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL TO MAKE A CHANGE… empty your pockets, car ashtray, desk drawer and collect all of the change – then DONATE it to the outreach agency nearest you.

Put it in an envelope and write “Make my change make a change” .

I dare you to do this and drop it off where you want to make a change

Drop it off at the Homeless Shelter, Humane Society (dog pound), Community Center, Legal Aid Office, church, orphanage,  or whatever charity, non-profit or agency that makes the change in the world in which you want to be a part!

I dare you to do this and I DOUBLE DOG DARE you to pass it on.

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2 thoughts on “I dare you

  1. In case you were wondering – this envelope will make it’s way to PATH and another one will make it to my friend Andrea who does legal work for women in Domestic Violence situations – often for free.
    If you don’t want to drop anything off – go ahead and write the world’s smallest check for the amount of your pocket change and mail it.
    Little things and pennies add up.
    and … THANK YOU!

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