Dear Koch Industries

You need better PR than you are going to get by funding the Tea Party as accused by @nomikikonst . I suggest you bank roll something more meaningful and sadly – less covered in the news rooms.  Pour those discretionary funds into Ending Homelessness.  Assign your seemingly amazing KOCH INDUSTRIES  PR department the impossible task of getting Homeless services, Housing, Employment and Education half the time the Tea Party gets in the news.

Just in case Hell grades on a curve – this is a move that might save you in the end!

You are the second largest private corporation in the United States, but your philanthropy is limited to $60,000 a year for one Habitat for Humanity home and helping the Girl Scouts “reach out” to Hispanic communities… (did you mean you helped the Girl Scouts establish troops in those communities or was there some underlying need that only little girls ages 5 – 18 could meet?)

Do more, be better, I am offering you the best PR Campaign idea of all time.

Start by:

  1. Pushing it onto the headlines of paper and news shows
  2. Fund and support social media bloggers and activist in the areas discussing Homelessness on an individual or community level. (have you heard of @hardlynormal?)
  3. Push the “REALLY SUCCESSFUL in ending homelessness” agencies and approaches into the media.
  4. Feel free to “tie in” the Tea Party tax issues into the desperately over taxed and underpaid minimum wage worker at constant risk of homelessness
  5. Tie in the views on Universal Healthcare to the early age of death for those living on the streets

I know your Tea Party friends shun the whole “Social Issues” topic at all cost. But I believe you can prove you are not their puppet master by taking on this important topic all on your own

Call me if you need help.

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One thought on “Dear Koch Industries

  1. The government is taxing us and companies to adminsister social support programs. When the local church volunteers to helpt the homeless, the social justice families bemoan the introduction of “those kind of people” into their neighborhood. So there is no purpose to having a focus on Koch family donate money to homeless causes only to be wasted on lawyers arguing on getting zoning and permits to create homeless housing. Even in small towns, people complain about having homeless people in the area of their church. We need the Kock money to bring change in government with TEA people who do support church charities that the liberal social justice folks hate.

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