Dear Koch Industries

You need better PR than you are going to get by funding the Tea Party as accused by @nomikikonst . I suggest you bank roll something more meaningful and sadly – less covered in the news rooms.  Pour those discretionary funds into Ending Homelessness.  Assign your seemingly amazing KOCH INDUSTRIES  PR department the impossible task of getting HomelessContinue reading “Dear Koch Industries”

I dare you

Because NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL TO MAKE A CHANGE… empty your pockets, car ashtray, desk drawer and collect all of the change – then DONATE it to the outreach agency nearest you. Put it in an envelope and write “Make my change make a change” . I dare you to do this and dropContinue reading “I dare you”

HOW to help – FAQ

How can I help a person sleeping on the streets? Any time you see a homeless person in distress, please call 211. The operator will contact LAHSA or another service agency. An even more simple answer : ASK THEM what you can do to help. Should I give to panhandlers? Don’t hand out money.  AndContinue reading “HOW to help – FAQ”

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